To play this game, you need the following requirements:

  1. Computer
  2. An emulator, which you can download for free
  3. A ROM which you can download for free
  4. A gamepad (not really required, but without it, you're playing with a keyboard, and that's lame)

What does all this mean? An emulator is basically the application you run that loads the game. Think of this as a digital version of your old gray NES. A ROM is the game you are trying to run. Think of this as a digital version of your old gray cartridge. Blowing into the bottom of this one will do you no good.

Download Nestopia 1.39 from the link above and unzip it to a folder on your hard drive (c:\games\nestopia or something similar). Download the ROM package above and unzip that to a "roms" folder underneath the folder where you put nestopia (c:\games\nestopia\roms). When you're finished you should have some ROM files with a ".nes" extension. Open nestopia, and click file | open. Locate your .nes file and click "open." Your game should start! If you are playing with a game pad or your keyboard fails to register an input on the game, you may need to open the configuration menu and map your gamepad/keyboard to NES buttons. Be sure to have your gamepad plugged in before you start nestopia.